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Tuesday 31 Mar 2020
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FST officially launched its initial KBS steel shaft product lines in January of 2008. The KBS product line represents the premier high-end FST branded steel shafts. These shafts are the culmination of all of FST's years of R&D and know-how packaged together. KBS was designed, developed, and produced through our own R&D efforts, which utilizes a unique proprietary and patent pending MOI (Moment of Inertia) technology. The technology deals with the way the spacing is designed and occurs between certain steps or stages of the steel shaft which allows a player to transfer their swing energy from the grip to the head of the club at impact in a certain way. In testing, our shafts have shown to create more spin, longer distance, tighter dispersion, higher flight, and better feel than any other comparable shaft out on the market today.

KBS series

The FST product line represents a second tier premier line of FST branded steel golf shafts produced for customers who are looking for something that is more economical when compared with our KBS line of products. The shafts will incorporate a lot of the technology and designs from new developments within the KBS product line. This means that there will be no specific investments in R&D efforts when it comes to designing new products within this line; and because our marketing efforts will not be focused on this product line, there is no specific product launch cycles that the FST product line will adhere to. However, we do anticipate launching new products within the line in a 3-5 year launch cycle.

FST series