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Tuesday 31 Mar 2020
You are here: Home TECHNOLOGY Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) Design
Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) Design

The process of making a steel shaft is very similar to the process of making a steel tube. A steel golf shaft can be viewed as a small steel tube that exhibits certain unique characteristics. The process of manufacturing a steel golf shaft has many distinct phases. Generally, a large steel coil is unrolled and then formed lengthwise, welded and cut into cylinders.

The tubing is then treated and fitted over a metal rod or "mandrel" that is used to determine the precise inside diameter of the cylinder as it is drawn. The tubing is stretched, cut into sections, and then weighed and balanced. Later, the sections are tapered to give each shaft model a particular flex and frequency. The shafts are cleaned, straightened, heat-treated and tempered. Some of the shafts are straightened by machines designed and built by us. The shafts are plated with layers of nickel to prevent corrosion and then covered with a fine layer of chrome. Finally, shafts are dried, polished and inspected for cosmetic flaws before they are boxed and distributed to our customers. The process of making a steel shaft is fairly complicated, and the combination of several processes and factors combine to be our company’s unique knowhow.